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Here, at A-1 Home Care, we are a family, friendly services that strives to build a lifelong working relationship with seniors. It is important to make sure that you and/or your loved one receives the best service for your in-home care. We do so by making certain that you or your loved one is never left alone. Nobody should be going through a difficult matter by themselves.

Part of our certified, trained caregivers’ job is to be at your side at all times. At A-1 Home Care, we believe that it is always in your best interest to have a balance of a social life as well. Our caregivers have been known to have, both, a one-on-one social or even assisting you to an outing event such as the grocery store, doctor’s visit, park, and more! We are here to provide the best services to keep you safe, secured, and happy.

If this sounds like something you would like to here more about, then please call us at 949-650-3800 or visit or website to located the closest A-1 Home Care branch in the Inland Empire, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino County.


Certified Nurse Assistants in Fountain Valley Assist Elderly with Hypertension

Medical examA high number of people pass away from hypertension-related cardiovascular disease each year. The number of people who suffer from hypertension increases dramatically each year. It is suggested that this increasing number is blamed on lifestyle and dietary factors such as lack of exercise, alcohol consumption and a significant intake of unhealthy food. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, rarely has noticeable symptoms and is often referred to as “the silent killer”. The symptoms include headaches, dizziness, and nosebleeds, all of which can be confused for other ailments. As our loved ones age, it is important to have a conversation about this condition and to stay aware of their body.

Don’t Live With Your Elderly Loved Ones?

We all lead busy lifestyles and we all move on from our homes. Many times we do not live near our parents or grandparents and because of this it is extremely important to consider outside help. A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley provides 24 hour live-in caregivers that have dedicated their lives to assisting clients. Family members experiencing hypertension should consistently be aware of their blood pressure. This is why our home care agency offers certified nurse assistants who are trained to measure blood pressure as well as look out for symptoms that display signs of hypertension. They are CPR certified, first aid trained and have at least two years of prior caregiving experience. Our home care agency has been a care provider in Fountain Valley since 1991 and has an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Worried About the Additional Expenses?

Luckily, if your loved one has long term insurance, A-1 Home Care accepts Penn Treaty, CALPERS, Metlife Insurance and Bankers’ Life and Casuality. We service Orange County cities including Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove and La Mirada. In the case of an emergency, our caregivers are aware of the nearest hospitals such as Kaiser Permanente Anaheim, Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente in Bellflower. For more information please call us at (949) 650-3800 or visit our website at

Top Foods for Fighting Cancer

In an age of superfood this and antioxidant that, it can be easy to assume that every quinoa adorned dish and flax seed concoction will give us super powers.  While that may not necessarily be the case, the plus side is that we now live in a world where health conscious foods are rising in popularity.  The food pyramid of yesteryear has now been replaced with the “New American Plate” breakdown and the American Institute for Cancer Research tells us that it is a powerful cancer-fighting tool.  While it is true that no one food will stop cancer or give us the ability to fly, here is some food to include on the grocery list if you’re looking for cancer fighting on your menu.

  • Color in your produce

Fruits and vegetables contain much cancer-fighting nutrients.  Color is usually an indicator of a high concentration of these nutrients.  Additionally, a balanced diet with proper nutritional values can help us achieve and maintain a safe and healthy body weight.  Being over-weight opens up risks to certain types of cancer such as kidney, esophagus and colon cancers.

  • Fighting cancer at the breakfast table

The B vitamin is effective in warding off cancers of the breast, rectum and colon.  Whole grain products or cereals that are “fortified” deliver in bunches.  Orange juice, melons and strawberries offer this as well.

  • Attack of the cancer-killing tomatoes

Studies have shown conclusive results linking a lower risk to cancers such as prostate cancer and the consumption of tomatoes.  It is also suggested that tomato derivative products yield a similar effect.

  • Anti-Cancer Tea

Green tea in particular MAY be an effective cancer fighter.  In recent studies, green tea has exhibited an effectiveness in slowing and even preventing the growth of cancer of the liver, breast, colon and prostate cells.  In long term clinicals, tea was connected with lower risks of bladder, stomach and pancreatic cancer.

  • Water, water and water

Water not only is the life blood of kidneys, but can also safeguard us from bladder cancer.  Water can actually dilute concentrated potential cancer-creating agents in the bladder.  Water consumption can also lead to more bathroom visits which allows for less time for these cancer causing agents to reside in the lining of the bladder

  • Blueberries with a cause

This berry is quite rich in antioxidants and the positive effects of which can felt across our system.  Antioxidants attack cancer on a molecular level, seek to add helpful berries where you can into your diet.

At A-1 Home Care, we specialize in delivering the highest level of personal care to our clients in the fight against cancer.  Our caregivers are available for 24 hour live in or hourly care and can help with daily errands, medication reminders, meal preparation, exercise, and will ensure they are kept as comfortable as possible.  All of our cancer caregivers, nurse aids, companions and home helpers have at least two years of home caregiving experience, verifiable professional references, national background check, TB test, malpractice/liability insurance, first aid/cpr training, and a personal interview with office staff.  No one should have to go through cancer treatment alone.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help at (562) 929-8400 or (949) 650-3800

Avoid Senior Isolation: Plan Ahead with A-1 Home Care

????????????????????????????????????????If you are one of the 98 million seniors who may not have immediate family members around by 2060 (based on statistics from Administration on Aging, 2013), now is the time to start planning for the future and avoid senior isolation at all costs.  Once you reach age 65, your life expectancy is 20 more years on Earth, and twenty years is a long time to be alone.  Perhaps you have adult children who are helping, but they are helping from a long distance away.  If you are married, statistics show that 37% of men are survived by their wives, and almost 50% of women over age 75 live alone.  These are scary statistics for seniors who are married with children – what about elder orphans who have never been married or have kids?  What are their prospects for caregiver support?  With 24-hour support from A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley, you never have to worry about being alone.

Senior Isolation, a Public Health Crisis

Seniors who live alone experience a wide variety of negative repercussions, such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, poor self-image, despair and helplessness.  New research from the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry shows that seniors who reported feeling lonely were more likely to develop dementia than their counterparts who had strong social support.  The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported a proven link between loneliness and fatal heart disease (JAMA, 2012).  If you know an elderly neighbor who could be an elder orphan, get involved if you can, even if it’s just companionship.  If you want to go the extra mile, you can turn to A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley for affordable live-in or live-out home care that could brighten up someone’s life.

About A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley

A-1 Home Care was founded in 1991 to help seniors in Fountain Valley and all over Orange County.  Licensed, bonded and insured, A-1 Home Care provides safe 24-hour and part-time in-home care for seniors from all types of backgrounds.  Whether you live with your elderly loved ones or in a different state, A-1 Home Care will be there to serve as a liaison between you and your loved ones.  In-home care services entail assistance with meal preparation, light housekeeping, bathing, grooming, companion care and transportation and more.  We make high quality senior care within reach for anyone!  Choose from our easy financing options or go through your long-term care insurance provider.  A-1 Home Care salutes you if you want to be a Good Samaritan for a fellow elder orphan in your community.  Talk to us and one of our care managers will walk you through the process step-by-step.

To find a caregiver in your area, call A-1 Home Care today (949) 650-3800 or visit our website for services in Fountain Valley and surrounding cities such as Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills, Orange, Tustin and Newport Beach.

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Social Media And Online Solutions Provided In The Home For Elders In Fountain Valley

Do you have an elder living in the home who has had minimal experience on the computer– but that limited experience culminated with him/her being victimized?

At A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley, we provide specialized caregiving professionals who know all about navigating through the online world, providing expert assistance and advice for people in the home who are just beginning to learn how to use a desktop or PC.

Each caregiver on staff offers helping hands and golden heart for people of all ages and from all walks of life, including Jewish, Middle Eastern, Asian, and European, bringing the most diverse in-home care options available in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

male nurse

A-1 Home Care offers a variety of other caregiver services in the home, too, such as:

  • assistance with household chores like dusting, vacuuming, dish-washing, laundry, mopping, taking out the trash, and bed-making
  • assistance with yard work and gardening tasks like watering plants, mowing the lawn, and raking leaves
  • assistance with personal services like bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting
  • transportation to and from medical appointments and other existing engagements
  • delicious and nutritious meal preparation
  • wake-up and tuck-in services
  • errand running like grocery shopping and picking up clothes from the cleaners
  • medication reminders and administration assistance
  • “brain games” and other cognition improving activities
  • enjoyable conversation and companionship
  • special needs care for physical handicaps and other disabilities
  • child care
  • pet care

Every senior care expert at A-1 Home Care knows that safeguarding internet users in the home from money fraud and identity theft, among other common concerns that might go unnoticed by the new user, is very important going forward. After all, the absence of computer care can lead to elders being taken advantage of by online predators–oftentimes without even knowing it.

Learn more about the hourly in-home care options at A-1 Home Care by dialing (949) 650-3800 or (562) 929-8400 today. A-1 Home Care also serves neighboring communities in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa, and Garden Grove.

Lewy Body Dementia, the Real Story behind Robin Williams’ Death

????????????????????????????????????????When Lewy Body Dementia claimed the life of Robin Williams in 2014, millions of fans around the world mourned the loss of an amazing actor and comedian.  His suicide was mistakenly attributed to major depression, but his wife Susan Williams revealed to a news source that he had Lewy Body Dementia (LBD), a brain disease that’s often misdiagnosed due to its wide variety of symptoms that differ from one individual to another. Lewy Body Dementia has a lot in common with other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and depression; an estimated 1.4 million Americans suffer from this disease and may not even know it.  What are the distinguishing characteristics of LBD, you might ask?  Below, A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley highlights some identifying marks of Lewy Body Dementia.

An atypical Parkinsonian disorder, Lewy Body Dementia is different from Alzheimer’s in the following ways:

  • The brains of LBD patients contain Lewy bodies, which are proteins found in the brains of patients with Parkinson’s disease. These proteins are concentrated in the brain region that controls emotions, movements, reasoning and memories
  • LBD symptoms resemble Parkinson’s more than Alzheimer’s (e.g., muscle stiffness and rigidity)
  • Onset of LBD is characterized by disturbance of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. In the early stages, individuals actually act out their dreams, such as hurling oneself out of bed or hitting one’s bed partner


In the wake of the diagnosis, it is important to find a reliable, seasoned and certified caregiver who knows how to respond to seniors with LBD.  A regular family member will experience high stress in dealing with cognitive disturbances of their elderly loved ones.  The ability of LBD patients to function at a normal social and occupational level changes from day to day, but ultimately the progression of this disease will require total and complete 24-hour care.

A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley provides highly skilled, quality dementia care for seniors all over Orange County, from Fountain Valley to Irvine, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Yorba Linda, San Clemente, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Orange, Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, Lake Forest, and San Juan Capistrano.  All of our live-in and live-out caregivers are fully certified and prescreened with verifiable professional references.  Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured home care agency dedicated to improving the quality of life for the elderly.

To find a caregiver in your area, call A-1 Home Care today (949) 650-3800 or visit our website for more details. 

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Fountain Valley Elders Receive Leading Kidney Disease Care Options In The Home

If your loved one in the home suffers from kidney disease and is struggling to maintain a normal life, don’t you think it’s time to invest in the best and most affordable caregiver services in Southern California?

At A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley, our diverse caregiving experts are as multi-cultural as the seniors they serve, and come with years of experience already well before being given the opportunity to work alongside elders in the comfort of the home. Each kidney disease care expert on staff reaches out throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas with helping hands and golden hearts that will stop at nothing for lasting senior smiles.


Each A-1 Home Care elder care expert brings numerous home health services to people in need, including:

  • assistance with household tasks like dusting, vacuuming, dish-washing, laundry, mopping, taking out the trash, and bed-making
  • assistance with yard work and gardening duties like watering plants, mowing the lawn, and raking leaves
  • assistance with personal services like bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting
  • wake-up and tuck-in services
  • transportation to and from medical appointments, renal dialysis treatments, and other existing engagements
  • delicious and nutritious meal preparation that’s always kidney-friendly
  • running errands like grocery shopping and picking up clothes from the cleaners
  • medication reminders and administration assistance
  • enjoyable conversation and companionship
  • special needs care

A-1 Home Care is happy to provide care for people from all walks of life, including Asian, Middle Eastern, Jewish, and European.  Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured, A-1 Home Care is the caregiver agency trusted most in Southern California– because being second best has never been an option.

Learn more about the exceptional caregiver agency that is A-1 Home Care when you dial (949) 650-3800 or (562) 929-8400 today. A-1 Home Care is more than happy to provide lasting hourly in-home care to surrounding communities in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Garden Grove, and Seal Beach.

Fountain Valley Elders Receive Exceptional Wake-Up And Tuck-In Options In Fountain Valley

Do you have an elder in the home who has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning– or perhaps getting into bed in the evening?

At A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley, we provide professional 24 hour caregivers who come to the comfort and convenience of the home with years of caregiving experience already to go with helping hands and a golden heart to serve others right where they are. This allows people from all walks of life to not have to do anything in order to receive the kind of care that most other home agencies require them to work for– because we help them out of bed ourselves!


Take a look below at some of the wake-up and tuck-in caregiving services that A-1 Home Care provides in the home:

  • assistance with household duties including dusting, vacuuming, dish-washing, laundry, mopping, taking out the trash, and bed-making
  • assistance with yard work and gardening tasks including watering plants, mowing the lawn, and raking leaves
  • assistance with personal services including bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting
  • transportation to and from medical appointments and other existing engagements
  • delicious and nutritious meal preparation that’s low in sugar
  • running errands like grocery shopping and picking up clothes from the cleaners
  • medication reminders and insulin assistance
  • enjoyable conversation and companionship
  • special needs care

The elder care experts on staff additionally offer caregiving solutions like Alzheimer’s and dementia care for those with significant cognitive decline, heart attack care for elders with cardiac failure and COPD, and even pet care for elders with animals in the home that have become too much of a hassle to be cared for on their own.

For more information about the leading caregiver options in all of Los Angeles and Orange County, contact an affectionate caregiver at A-1 Home Care today by dialing (949) 650-3800 or (562) 929-8400. A-1 Home Care also serves neighboring communities in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Garden Grove, Costa Mesa, and Corona Del Mar.

Medication Risks for the Elderly: How much do you know about your loved one’s prescriptions?

male nurseBetween 2006 and 2012, America saw a 78% increase in hospital visits from seniors with prescription misuse or abuse, based on statistics in US News & World Report.  By the time the elderly reach the hospital, it might be too late to save them from permanent damage caused by a prescription drug overdose.  Most medications such as oxycodone and fentanyl are given to those who suffer from arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia, or lower back pain.  Since pain killers for seniors are often prescribed, no one really gives much thought to the possibility of drug addiction among aging adults.  Besides agonizing physical pain, dementia also contributes to the problem of overdose, especially if the senior is in the middle to advanced stages of Alzheimer’sA-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley offers 24-hour support to regularly monitor your elderly loved one’s medication intake in order to avoid overdose accidents.


A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley is the perfect in-home solution for seniors at risk for medication mistakes.  Who’s likely to misuse medication, you may ask?  The elderly who are socially isolated, have blurry vision, suffer from cognitive impairment, struggle with acute or chronic pain, and are prone to addiction – without close attention, they fall through the cracks and are not noticed until an emergency occurs.  With a round-the-clock caregiver living with your elderly loved ones, you greatly reduce the chances of substance abuse.  A certified nurse assistant helps crush pills that are hard to swallow; a certified home health aide can make a quick run to a local pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  Having a caregiver accompany your parent or grandparent minimizes error, as your loved one might misunderstand the doctor’s instructions.


Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones the right questions about their prescriptions.  If your parent lives alone, hiring a live-in caregiver to watch over her is money well spent for a peace of mind.  For 25 years, A-1 Home Care has been providing stellar caregiving services to seniors in Fountain Valley, Villa Park, Buena Park, Fullerton, La Mirada, Yorba Linda, Orange, Anaheim, and other cities throughout Orange County.  Live-in elder care services give seniors the undivided attention they need – not just for medication reminders, but also for comfort, security and companionship.


To find a caregiver in your area, call A-1 Home Care today (949) 650-3800 or visit our website for more details. 

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Patients With Seizure Disorders Experience In-Home Comfort With Fountain Valley Caregivers

Does your beloved elder in the home suffer from epilepsy or seizures and would benefit from the leading in-home caregiving services found anywhere in Orange County and Los Angeles?

If so, then A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley welcomes you as the one-stop shop for better home health. A-1 Home Care helps seniors with seizure and movement disorders to experience the effective long-term caregiver solutions they need to make life in the home manageable and even enjoyable again.

Sincere Caregivers

Each compassionate caregiver on staff offers leading hourly in-home care options that bring comfort into the home in situations where the elder may have otherwise lost control. A-1 Home Care proudly supports people from all walks of life, including Jewish, Middle Eastern, Asian, and European, bringing exceptional caregiving options that never oversteps boundaries and always bring a higher level of peace into the home.

A-1 Home Care also services elders in Southern California with caregiving options such as hospice care for the terminally ill, respite care for overworked family caregivers needing a break, after surgery care for elders who have been temporarily displaced in a hospital setting following an injury or health setback, and more. After all, A-1 Home Care is dedicated to offering only the best– and leaving behind the rest!– caregiving solutions found anywhere, and has maintained this fire for serving you since its inception a quarter century ago.

If you want to find out more about the exceptional senior caregiving services offered at a location near you, then contact a helpful A-1 Home Care caregiver today by calling (949) 650-3800 or (562) 929-8400. A-1 Home Care is also happy to serve neighboring communities in Costa Mesa and Garden Grove more inland and Newport Beach, Garden Grove, and Corona Del Mar along the coastline.